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As a knitter, I love anything that has to do with knitting — knitting needles, knitting patterns, knitting stitch markers, knitting row counters — but I especially love these really cute clay stitch markers that I just received from Anita! Look at these cute little peas!!!


Really, the photo I took doesn’t do them justice. You’ll have to see an actual product shot over at Anita’s etsy shop, Yarndemon Designs. She also sent me another lovely pair of beaded stitch markers, and a very cool retractable tape measure which has a crocheted cover on it that fits like a glove! I couldn’t figure out how she did it, so I had to ask, and it’s genius! I never would have thought of it, but it’s perfect for any crafter, and she crochets these in many different color combos. These will be living in my accessory case and I’m going to show them off every time I’m knitting in public, that’s for sure!

Malabrigo worsted in Violetas colorwayBut wait, there’s more! I made an order from WEBS a few days ago and it just came in today. At left is Malabrigo worsted merino in the colorway “Violetas”, which is full of varying shades of purple with some splashes of navy blue. I actually bought this for a particular project, but now I’m not positive what it was pegged for is going to get knitted. Details on this later. For now, it will remain in my stash. If you ever wondered about all the hype concerning this yarn, it really is super soft and squishy, and does not have the least bit of scratchiness to it.SWTC Gianna yarn

And this beautiful, chunky red yarn (SWTC Gianna) came in with the Malabrigo order today, and it’s pegged for a pair of soft mittens for my SP11 pal. Hopefully I’ll get them done, but if not, I will just be sending the yarn, which was on sale, by the way! Free time is rarely found around here, but mittens are smallish, so it shouldn’t take too long to knit them. Once I find a good pattern for them, that is. I want to knit them in the round on circulars, not DPNs. Anyone out there in blogland know of a good pattern?

cupcake charmLast but not least, another little gift came in that I ordered for my SP11 pal, and I just have to show everyone. This necklace charm is from the etsy store, Popalicious, and I’m pretty sure she’s going to like it. The last package I’m sending her is going to be themed around that object which is painted on that charm. (I’m not typing the actual word, in case she does an Internet search for that word and finds me! I must remain anonymous!) 😉


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Getting spoiled here…

My pal sent me another package and I got it today — check it out under the Secret Pal 11 tab (at the top of my blog)!

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Today I got a nice pick-me-up from my Secret Pal 11 spoiler… check it out under the Secret Pal 11 tab at the top! (Thanks B., you made my day!)

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Last week went by entirely too fast! I’m having a hard time believing school will be starting next week. Where did last week go, anyhow? *PoOf!*

There’s lots of stuff going on right now, but mostly dyeing yarn and increasing inventory for my Etsy shop, and knitting on my Clapotis. Such an enjoyable knit, and I have pictures, finally! Progressing steadily, it is about halfway done — 500 yards down — 500 to go! If you’re interested in this pattern, you can find it HERE.

Clapotis progress

Clapotis detail

My DH is putting a package in the mail for me today for my swap partner in the getStitchy! Handpainted Yarn Swap. I can’t wait till she gets it! Also, I’ve joined three other swap-type groups, which means I must be insane. Did I just hear my conscience tell me I had too much going on already? Yeah, well, one package is in the mail, so one down, three to go!

getStitchy! Handpainted Yarn Swap — The package is in the mail!

Ravelry Caffeine Swap – Just looking for a really nice coffee mug now and then I can send off that package.

Ravelry Scarf Exchange – We haven’t even been given our swap partners yet, so I’m still waiting to see who I get and what that person would be interested in as a scarf.

Secret Pal 11 – This is the big one. We’ve been given our swap pals, and I’ve started plotting and planning the first package, but I’m not really sure what I’m going to send yet. Probably some of MY yarn, of course!

Totally unrelated to knitting or yarn, I found this little geometrid moth clinging to our screen door one day and took a photo of him from the inside of the house. See his eyes on either side of one of the wires? Neat!

Geometric geometrid

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