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Since Thanksgiving, we haven’t really had any adventures to speak of, and since I finished my Clapotis, I don’t have any really good knitting news, either. There is the second scarf I made for my Ravelry Scarf Exchange pal, Rae, which was mailed to her over a week ago. I know that she probably received it by now, although she hasn’t emailed to say so.Diagonal Knot Stitch Scarf

Completed and blocked, this is the Diagonal Knot Stitch scarf which I knit out of Malabrigo Merino, colorway Violetas. The pattern really opened up once I blocked it, but I do need to find my iron because I could have done a much better job with it. Once I find it, I will be able to block my Clapotis, and finally be able to wear it, hopefully in time for Christmas. (I don’t know what it is about that project, but I’m itching to make another!)

The second nightmare sock of the pair I started eons ago is getting additional rows added to it here and there when I have time at night, which is the only time I get to knit anything anymore. There is just too much to do during a day with homeschooling and housecleaning and cooking and now decorating and Christmas shopping. Phooey! I’d love to just sit and knit all day!

My perfect day would include everyone going out so that I was left alone in the house. The first part of my day alone would beCorey practicing his typing skills. spent in the kitchen dyeing yarn, and the second half of it would be spent in the living room knitting in silence. In fact, that’s not even a day, but about eight hours. Eight hours that I could spend doing the laundry or vacuuming or cleaning the house. Eight hours that I could spend teaching long division to my 6-year-old. Did I mention he’s learning to type, too? In the image at right, he’s practicing his typing skills! 🙂Stitch markers!

Congratulations to my good friend, Anita, who’s handmade polymer clay stitch markers are featured in the current issue of Knit Simple magazine! You can get a set of these adorable stitch markers for yourself by visiting her etsy shop, Yarndemon Designs. I have a set of those sweet peas, and I’ve gotta tell ya, the real thing is soooo much cuter than the images, by FAR. Her shop also features the perfect accessory that every fiber crafter needs: little tape measures with very nice hand-crocheted covers on them. When Anita sent my stitch markers, she also include one of these tape measures which I keep in my little accessory bag and gets frequent use when I’m knitting! Wouldn’t you know it’s that time of year — the season for gift giving, and these stitch markers and tape measures would make PERFECT stocking stuffers!


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Yellow leavesWhat a sense of accomplishment! For the past few days, I’ve been knitting on my Clapotis like a maniac, trying to get it completed, and now it’s done! Honestly, I didn’t think it would ever get finished because I have a horrible track record with larger projects. To say I’m pleased with myself is an understatement. Now it just needs to be blocked. Pictures to come when I can get a really good one outside in natural light.

Today I mailed out the angel package to my extra Fall Into Autumn Dishcloth Exchange pal, and sheOrange leaves should get that in a week or so. That’s another swap down! Once I send out the scarf I made for the Ravelry Scarf Exchange (it’s blocking now) and then the final package for my SP11 pal (everything’s ready for it), I’m done with swaps for awhile. There are so many other things I want to knit, and I can’t get to any of it if I’m always making items for swaps, so I’m going to take a break.

Now that the Clapotis is finished, I can concentrate on those nightmare socks I started way back when. The first sock is done, but I might need to reknit the toe, and the second sock has it’s leg, heel flap and heel turn, but the gusset is giving me some problems. Although I have the pattern directions in front of me from “Knitting Socks on Two Circulars” by Cat Bordhi, I am completely lost and can’t figure out what the directions are telling me to do. I may need to enlist the help of my knitting friends in this one. I’m determined to master socks before I start another single project!


The boys and I went outside last weekend and had a great surprise when we saw that fall had finally snuck in, almost overnight. The fall foliage is so beautiful right now; all I have to do is peek out my front window to see all the pretty colors. 🙂

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Ballband washclothI know; this is soooo exciting!

Last weekend, there was a call for angels to step in for the Fall Into Autumn Dishcloth Exchange. The exchange deadline has passed, and there were some unlucky souls who didn’t receive anything because their original partners were flakes. So I volunteered. (I’m a pretty quick knitter when I set my mind to it, and I love spoiling people anyway!) And I’m just about done, too! My new pal likes purple, chartreuse and orange, and because I already had purple and orange, I made this ballband washcloth for her from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book, and got it done in a day! Woohoo!

Today is a dyeing day too… I have four skeins of very soft wool that need attention, so I will be making some otherwise bland and boring yarn very colorful and gorgeous. Can you say, “oooooooo… aaaahhhh”? Yeah, like that! 🙂

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Microwave mat

Last summer, I had this great idea to make a set of four knitted and felted placemats for a friend of mine when she mentioned she would like to make some for herself. I know she would never find the time for a project like this, so I got some yarn for this project and started knitting.

I modified the ballband dishcloth pattern from Mason Dixon Knitting by making it much larger and finished placemat number one, but then I didn’t really like it. It just wasn’t good enough to give as a gift, so I scrapped the original plan of making four of them. The placemat sat around for awhile and once I thought I could turn it into a felted needle roll like the one my SP11 pal made for me. But it sat around for a little while longer because I was working on other knitting projects.

We got a new microwave yesterday and this unloved felted placemat finally found a home protecting the top surface of it from scratches. It doesn’t quite cover the top from side to side, but it does from front to back, and I’m quite pleased that I found a functional use for it finally. Not bad, eh?

Felted microwave mat

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FO: One-Row Handspun Scarf

It’s been awhile since I posted any knitting and/or yarn-related content because we’ve been getting adjusted to Corey’s new insulin pumping schedule. During this time, there has been knitting, but I haven’t had the motivation to post about any of it until now.

Plus, the projects I’ve been working on recently have been for swaps, so they’re supposed to be surprises and I can’t post about them until they’re received (or they won’t be surprises anymore). However, I knit a scarf for the Ravelry scarf exchange that looks good, but is nowhere near neck friendly.

One-Row Handspun Scarf

This is the Yarn Harlot’s One-Row Handspun Scarf that I made for my Ravelry Scarf Exchange pal. I custom-ordered some handpainted, handspun Corriedale wool yarn from the Charbridge Woolen Company on etsy. Advertised as soft and springy, it came to me very springy, but very scratchy. Definitely not against-the-skin soft enough. I made the scarf anyway because it really looks beautiful and I wanted to knit this pattern. It’s about seven feet long and I love the pattern, which I will probably knit in many different yarns in the future.

Now I’m going back to square one to find a new yarn for a new scarf for my pal. Good thing I have till mid-December to get it done and shipped! What I’d really like to find is some really soft handspun wool yarn that has a nice gradiation to it… does anyone know of any like that? If you do, please let me know because I have to order it soon!

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any nice finished objects, so this one is a sight for my bored eyes. Knit in Sugar ‘n Cream cotton, the edges curled up quite a bit until I blocked it, and now it’s nice and flat. Finished diameter is 11.5″. I’m quite pleased with the results, and it’s such a nice, easy pattern that I’ve started another in pink. I’ll post pictures of it when I get it partially finished. If you’re interested in this pattern, you can find it here: Lacy Round Dishcloth

Lacy Round Dishcloth

We’re not doing much today but relaxing and enjoying whatever we feel like doing. I said in the previous post that I would dye two of those four skeins of yarn today, but I think I need to cancel that plan, simply because it’s mid-afternoon and we’ll have to start making dinner soon. It’s true that when I dye yarn, I completely take over the kitchen — every surface has a bowl, measuring cup, squirt bottles, goggles, wooden spoons — there’s never any room to do anything else in there when I get started, and that includes eating. So as much as I want to play mad scientist, I better wait until another day.

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Finally, my nightmare sock is completed! I don’t really like how the ends of the kitchener stitch turned out on the toes, but I’m not sure that I want to try to make them less elvish or not. I am very much a perfectionist, so I probably will end up redoing the toe grafting. Take a look:

My first sock, affectionately referred to as “Nightmare”.


Another view…

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