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As a knitter, I love anything that has to do with knitting — knitting needles, knitting patterns, knitting stitch markers, knitting row counters — but I especially love these really cute clay stitch markers that I just received from Anita! Look at these cute little peas!!!


Really, the photo I took doesn’t do them justice. You’ll have to see an actual product shot over at Anita’s etsy shop, Yarndemon Designs. She also sent me another lovely pair of beaded stitch markers, and a very cool retractable tape measure which has a crocheted cover on it that fits like a glove! I couldn’t figure out how she did it, so I had to ask, and it’s genius! I never would have thought of it, but it’s perfect for any crafter, and she crochets these in many different color combos. These will be living in my accessory case and I’m going to show them off every time I’m knitting in public, that’s for sure!

Malabrigo worsted in Violetas colorwayBut wait, there’s more! I made an order from WEBS a few days ago and it just came in today. At left is Malabrigo worsted merino in the colorway “Violetas”, which is full of varying shades of purple with some splashes of navy blue. I actually bought this for a particular project, but now I’m not positive what it was pegged for is going to get knitted. Details on this later. For now, it will remain in my stash. If you ever wondered about all the hype concerning this yarn, it really is super soft and squishy, and does not have the least bit of scratchiness to it.SWTC Gianna yarn

And this beautiful, chunky red yarn (SWTC Gianna) came in with the Malabrigo order today, and it’s pegged for a pair of soft mittens for my SP11 pal. Hopefully I’ll get them done, but if not, I will just be sending the yarn, which was on sale, by the way! Free time is rarely found around here, but mittens are smallish, so it shouldn’t take too long to knit them. Once I find a good pattern for them, that is. I want to knit them in the round on circulars, not DPNs. Anyone out there in blogland know of a good pattern?

cupcake charmLast but not least, another little gift came in that I ordered for my SP11 pal, and I just have to show everyone. This necklace charm is from the etsy store, Popalicious, and I’m pretty sure she’s going to like it. The last package I’m sending her is going to be themed around that object which is painted on that charm. (I’m not typing the actual word, in case she does an Internet search for that word and finds me! I must remain anonymous!) ūüėČ


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My garterlac washcloth

Better late than never! Remember this post? I thought it would be easy to knit that garterlac dishcloth as the directions were easy to understand. Was I ever wrong! After no less than six tries¬†of the garterlac pattern, I decided to put it down and¬†never return to it again until the boys had grown up and left the nest. Then Granny asked me about¬†my progress on it¬†one day. (I had shown her the beginnings of it when I started the cloth and she was eager to see the finished item.)¬†After I told her what happened, she said, “You should have brought it to me! I could have¬†fixed it for you!” Yeah, right! I know that Granny is the knitting master, but she has never¬†even seen this pattern before, let alone knit it. I had my doubts that she could fix it, so I sent over the yarn I was using, and the printed pattern for her to see how successful she would be¬†knitting it. She came to me to ask me about it before she had even made the first stitch!

grangl.jpgThat’s how it all started; our little crafting get-togethers on my MIL’s screened-in backyard deck.¬†Granny and I¬†decided to meet there daily at a certain time and synchronize our knitting on this pattern in the hopes that we would both be able to get through it and reach our ultimate goal of completion!¬†So while my MIL (Nana) cross-stitched, Granny and I knit the pattern together, and after many days we did eventually reach our goal.Granny‚Äôs completed garterlac dishcloth

The top right image is my cloth with a reverse single crochet border, and bottom right is Granny’s cloth with a single crochet border. Granted, it took forever to get this cloth to an FO (finished object), but it was worth it.¬†Sharing this time with¬†a couple¬†of¬†my favorite¬†ladies was very rewarding!

Granny wanted me to have hers, so I am going to put it away for safe-keeping. The one I made is going to be added to the other two that I’m planning to give to my aunt in Pennsylvania, if we ever get a chance to go visit her. ūüôā

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Mason Dixon ballband¬†dishclothThe day before Mother’s Day, I spoiled myself and bought the Mason Dixon Knitting book because after browsing around the many knitting blogs and forums, I found there were a lot of patterns from it that I wanted to try. Plus my Secret Pal knit one of these for me and I had to know how it was made. That was a purchase I’ll never regret, as my boys and DH got me a wonderful knitting accessory for Mother’s Day: a swing/hammock with a canopy! Very wonderful, indeed… I will be able to sit and knit these dishcloths outside while enjoying the beautiful warm weather (which will soon be blistering hot) and watching the Furryland children playing in the backyard. DH is going to put it together today and it’s gorgeous outside — I can’t wait!

14-point star dishcloth

The ballband dishcloth took me two days to complete, and I used Peaches & Creme 100% cotton in two colors. The variegated red and white was leftover from two of these 14-point star dishcloths that I knit last year at a friend’s request. She wanted to use them as hotpads, but the two I made weren’t of equal size, so I couldn’t sew them together. They work well enough as a single layer, thankfully. If you are interested in this pattern, please email me.

Regarding handknit dishcloths… I can’t bring myself to use them on a dish, but as a washcloth for the bath… I think I really like that idea. In fact, my Secret Pal sent me that knit ballband washcloth wrapped around a sweet bar of soap. I don’t think I would have thought of that idea, but it’s perfect for gifts of all types.

In other craftiness, I’m still working on the “nightmare sock”, as I’ve come to think of it. There is a Delmarva Knitters group gathering today at the local Barnes & Noble, and hopefully a sock-experienced person will be able to help me overcome my sock issues!

There is a Round Ripple crochet-along at crochetville.org, and while I don’t want to join the -along, I have wanted to make one of these baby blankets for a long time now. Now that I have a pattern, I will be able to start on it and use up some of that baby yarn stash that Granny gave me a few months ago, but considering my track record in finishing large objects, only God knows how far I’ll get with this one!

My FBB (fat bottom bag) has about six rows on it, but it’s currently on hold because I need the proper stitch markers for making this bag. The ones I’ve been creating are for knitting purposes only, as they slide from one needle to the other. However, stitch markers for crochet are actually for stitches themselves, as they are placed in a stitch of a project. Perhaps an earring would work from my jewelry box; the kind with the hook that slides into your pierced ear. Hmm, since I don’t wear earrings anymore, I do believe I’ve just recruited them back into service!

Thanks¬†to my MIL (Nana, as we like to call her), I’ve also pulled out a cross-stitch project that I started working on a couple years ago that’s been lurking in a dark closet. Slowly, I’m adding stitches to that, but now I have so much going on that it’s going to be hard to devote a lot of time to any one project. Plus there are a bunch of stitch markers that I like to make to keep busy when I don’t feel like working on anything else. After they’re photographed, I will be posting them, and perhaps selling them at etsy.

I have more to write, but my DH is pestering me and I can’t concentrate. ARGH!!! Everyone’s outside and I’m trying to write this post, but he keeps coming over and bugging me… and he’s doing it on purpose because he knows he’s driving me nuts! ARGH! So I will finish for now… but there’s so much more that needs to be posted…. maybe later!

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One of my three crocheted UFOs that have been lurking in¬†a dark closet is finally finished! This is¬†also the¬†very first “square”-type item I’ve made, and although the finished product is beautiful, I will probably never do this particular square again. Crocheting the squares was easy, however the way the pattern stitches¬†were¬†designed made each square rounded on each side, and so it was a struggle getting all those squares to line up together for the final seaming. Sadly, I must admit that I had given up on it forever by the time I got to that seaming process, but Granny persuaded me to let her have it so she could work on it.¬†I’m so glad I finally did, or this would have never become a finished object! She returned it to me less than two days later (yesterday), completely done!

 Buttercup squares crocheted baby blanketButtercup squares crocheted baby blanketButtercup squares crocheted baby blanket

The pattern is from Leisure Arts Leaflet 64, and is something I’ve had for years, so I used stash yarn for this project and barely put a dent in any of it (it doesn’t help that I keep adding to it). The blanket is 6 squares wide by 8 squares long, and is 32″x45″. The original pattern is named for the yellow in the center squares, but since I had peach and pink, I thought I’d alternate those instead. Plus, I love the transition between orange and pink… there’s something about that blend of colors that I just can’t resist even though they are far from my favorite colors.

Note: This blanket was started BEFORE I learned to knit!

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Iberis White¬†Lace around a Furryland tree.Since the crocheted market bag was done so quickly, I decided my next crocheted project will be the Fat Bottom Bag from the book, SNB Happy Hooker. Using a hank of Classic Elite Provence in color 2635, which is 100% mercerized Egyptian cotton, I’m making a test swatch first for gauge, because it seemed that the stitches were very loose when I did the first two rows¬†of the bag. Usually, my gauge swatches are right on target for each pattern,¬†whether crochet or knit, so I usually don’t have to make any changes. We’ll see! I’m excited to finally be starting this bag because you can really personalize it with a fabric lining, and I really need to get my sewing machine moving again. I’m envisioning an apple green floral print satin fabric for the lining. Does anyone know where I can find some? Something is telling me I’m going to have to visit Goodwill and search through their shirt¬†and skirt selection. The handle I have on hand is a clear lucite handle, but if I find an Asian floral satin fabric, I might go out and get one in bamboo.

The knitted sock I’m working on is taking a very long time, and not because I don’t know what I’m doing, but because I either don’t touch it for days, or don’t have time to do very much; two rows a day isn’t going to get me anywhere! I’ve only gotten two inches of the leg done, but since I’m expecting¬†those 40″ Inox circulars to come in the mail any day now, I may have to frog this pathetic beginning and restart them yet again as toe-up, two-at-a-time socks on one circular (as I originally wanted to do). I’m already suffering from the second sock syndrome, and I’ve gotten nowhere on sock number one! I know… it’s pathetic…

Right now I’m listening to a lawn mower riding around our yard, and I’m amazed. This morning, my youngest wouldn’t stop pestering him to hurry up and go outside to see if the mower would work from its long winter break. Surprisingly, it wasn’t very long at all after they went outside¬†before I heard it start up. This may be the last season that our old mower sees any lawn mowing action, then we’ll have to get a new one. It’s in pretty bad shape.

Baltimore Ravens¬†logoAlmost forgot! DH¬†asked me to get tickets to¬†the pre-season Baltimore Ravens vs. Philadelphia Eagles¬†football game on August 13th. So I did. He wants to take our teen (who loves the Eagles) to the game as a type of father-son surprise thing. I think it’s a wonderful idea because they don’t get to do that father-son thing often, although it will be interesting to see who returns in a bad mood because a game of Ravens vs. Eagles means that father and son will be rivals.Corey (4) at our previous Six Flags adventure in¬†2004.

Also, we received a flyer in the mail inviting us to Home School Day at Six Flags America in Largo, Maryland, so we’re planning on going as a surprise for both our boys too. They’ve worked really hard and have done really well in their schoolwork, so this will be a good reward for both of them. Personally, I can’t wait to get on the coasters, especially Superman: Ride of Steel! Inside this Christian family-oriented, yarn-obsessed home school mom is a thrill-seeker desperately trying to escape, if only for a few fun hours…

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Our youngest, Corey, who will be the big 6 by the end of this month. Photo by¬†Nana… bring forth the May flowers. Or so the rhyme goes. At the moment, I’m not so sure about¬†that because it’s been super windy and cold with occasional rain showers throughout this day in April. Windier than it’s been all year.¬†So the weather forecasters were just about right regarding yesterday’s weather. I’m not sure how many inches of rain this area got, but there are a lot of flooded fields and yards out there!

It’s just miserable outside if you have to go out in it, as we did this afternoon, to take our youngest to his six-month dental cleaning and check-up. All’s well. His six-year molars are getting ready to emerge and he’s already lost one of his front, bottom teeth, and a couple more are a little loose. The whole time he was in the dentist’s chair, he kept looking back at me with these¬†cute little¬†grins. He was¬†so happy because he loves going to the dentist (and his endocrinologist, and his eye doctor, but not so much his pediatrician). The next time we go, I’m taking my camera.

Even though it rained all day yesterday, it wasn’t a complete washout. Our local knitting group, Delmarva Knitters, was scheduled to meet at Barnes & Noble at 2:00 p.m. By the time I got there, it was almost 3:00 p.m. because I couldn’t decide if I wanted to venture out in all that rain, and I had previously decided I wasn’t going to, but then there was a lull and I took off. There was a nice group there too, and when I sat down, one of the ladies introduced herself and it was someone new (D.P.)! And she brought FOUR people: her daughter, her friend (C.C.) and her friend’s daughter, and her mom. I was so surprised. We did a lot of talking, and I helped D.P. understand how to do a cable stitch. They¬†were such a cheerful bunch, and I feel blessed that they came. And C.C. officially joined our Delmarva Knitters yahoo group, so we’re growing in numbers; that makes 20 members! If you live in the Delmarva area and knit or crochet, or some other fiber art, or would just like to learn, check out the link in the sidebar and join our little group… we’d love to have you.

Stitch markers from my swap partner at getstitchy.com

Today’s miserable day was brightened even further because I received a package in the mail from my stitch marker swap partner (Knitchik) over at getstitchy.com. She sent me handmade stitch markers which are beautiful! She really did a great job with them… and I love the colors. Also included in the package were things to pamper myself with: a cute smiley face emery board/keychain (which I’ve already attached to a zipper inside my purse), a spa fabric face tonic and a pack of tired leg gel; thoughtful things she included because she knows I’m a stay-at-home mom (SAHM). Thank you, Knitchik… I just may use the face tonic and leg gel at the same time when I sit down to knit tonight¬†and soak my feet. But before I do that, I’ll make sure there is no camera to be found anywhere in the house… ūüėČ

Knitwise, the garterlac washcloth is not getting done. Period. At least not anytime soon. Before I went to the above-mentioned knitting group yesterday, I sat down to make some more progress on it and then planned to take it with me. To my dismay, I noticed that one of the squares had nine rows of garterstitch instead of the required eight rows. I frogged it back down to that point and tried to continue on, but there were some loose picked up stitches from a side triangle that were just hanging out with no place to go, and it was impossible for me to figure out how to rework them into the piece. And so it has been frogged for the FOURTH time. Yes, that’s right… the fourth time. This is definitely something I need to do when there are no distractions whatsoever.

Crochetwise, the market bag I’m making is coming along well. Did I mention that I had to frog my first attempt at this project too? Yep, because the first time I worked on it, I noticed that one side was increasing so it was slanting out like a “V”. After rereading the pattern and restarting it, all is well so far, meaning the sides are straight up like they should be. I’m currently working on the mesh part and should be about an inch from the top. Once I figured out the side, it’s something I can do without giving it much thought because I’ve had much more practice crocheting than knitting. I will post a photo when it’s completed.

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Granny Skull¬†CapThis is a project I started on a whim when a friend of mine (who’s just learning to crochet) told me she couldn’t figure out a pattern because she didn’t understand how to make the ring. After directing me to the online pattern (found HERE), I decided to give it a go and see what I came up with. Using some leftover yarn that I had, I completed the hat in 90 minutes on a lazy Sunday afternoon, not including the flower. First I had to find a pattern for that, and once found, the flower itself took 90 minutes (found HERE). Then another couple days to find the perfect shank button center for the flower, and just a few moments to sew it on once found. As the most cooperative, helpful, and patient model, my youngest sat still while I took Close-up of skull¬†cappicture after picture.

While working on it, I decided that it was good enough for a gift, and since my friend had a daughter who was going to be turning the big 13 in a week, I sent it to her for her birthday. My friend assured me she loves it! (It took awhile for me to make this post because I couldn’t put it up until she had received it, and then I forgot about it! This hat was done on March 18th.)

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