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As a knitter, I love anything that has to do with knitting — knitting needles, knitting patterns, knitting stitch markers, knitting row counters — but I especially love these really cute clay stitch markers that I just received from Anita! Look at these cute little peas!!!


Really, the photo I took doesn’t do them justice. You’ll have to see an actual product shot over at Anita’s etsy shop, Yarndemon Designs. She also sent me another lovely pair of beaded stitch markers, and a very cool retractable tape measure which has a crocheted cover on it that fits like a glove! I couldn’t figure out how she did it, so I had to ask, and it’s genius! I never would have thought of it, but it’s perfect for any crafter, and she crochets these in many different color combos. These will be living in my accessory case and I’m going to show them off every time I’m knitting in public, that’s for sure!

Malabrigo worsted in Violetas colorwayBut wait, there’s more! I made an order from WEBS a few days ago and it just came in today. At left is Malabrigo worsted merino in the colorway “Violetas”, which is full of varying shades of purple with some splashes of navy blue. I actually bought this for a particular project, but now I’m not positive what it was pegged for is going to get knitted. Details on this later. For now, it will remain in my stash. If you ever wondered about all the hype concerning this yarn, it really is super soft and squishy, and does not have the least bit of scratchiness to it.SWTC Gianna yarn

And this beautiful, chunky red yarn (SWTC Gianna) came in with the Malabrigo order today, and it’s pegged for a pair of soft mittens for my SP11 pal. Hopefully I’ll get them done, but if not, I will just be sending the yarn, which was on sale, by the way! Free time is rarely found around here, but mittens are smallish, so it shouldn’t take too long to knit them. Once I find a good pattern for them, that is. I want to knit them in the round on circulars, not DPNs. Anyone out there in blogland know of a good pattern?

cupcake charmLast but not least, another little gift came in that I ordered for my SP11 pal, and I just have to show everyone. This necklace charm is from the etsy store, Popalicious, and I’m pretty sure she’s going to like it. The last package I’m sending her is going to be themed around that object which is painted on that charm. (I’m not typing the actual word, in case she does an Internet search for that word and finds me! I must remain anonymous!) 😉


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There is quite a bit going on in Furryland recently. So much that I just want to sit in the chair and knit for a few hours… and think. I need a game plan.

We homeschool our boys, and I need to get curriculum and a school routine planned before our first day of school, which is August 27th. I’ve got most of the schoolwork I need for my 1st grader, except a cassette tape player. I know they’re outdated, but when I was yardsaling with my sister a couple weeks ago, I found a complete set of Hooked On Phonics in pristine condition, so I asked the price and the lady only wanted $5.00 for it! Whoooowheeee!!! I like yardsaling!

Deciding on the classes for my teen is going to require a little more intensive thought, and I guess that’s why I’m blogging about it, so I can start brainstorming on this. In the public school system, he would be in 9th grade. But from what I’ve found, he is in 10th grade math. Having just finished Algebra I last school year, he will be in Geometry this year, and I want to add in some type of consumer math course, as well (if I can find one).

This past week, we spent a lot of time getting organized. Last year, my teen was in a spare bedroom with the laptop working on schoolwork, and I didn’t get to use my sewing machine once. I had taken it to get it serviced early last year, and then it just sat there on the table with the cover on it. So I decided to reclaim that spare bedroom for my craft stuff; mainly yarn, dyeing supplies, knitting books and my sewing machine/supplies.

Then we got the computer room/school room prepared and cleaned up. We organized and threw away old papers and other junk we didn’t need, got some boxes ready for the Good Will and the Salvation Army, and decorated the room for our little guy with a fun learning calendar, small chalkboard and a map of the U.S. He has his own little desk too, so the room is coming together nicely. Now if I could just keep my own desk straightened up…

I’m also gearing up to open my Etsy shop, Sand in my Stitches, where I will be offering my growing inventory of handpainted yarns for sale, along with some beaded stitch markers. I still have a few loose ends to tie up before I open the shop, but if you want to see what I’ve done, I’ve got all my yarns listed in Ravelry. If you’re in Ravelry, go have a look, and tell me what you think! If you’re not in Ravelry yet, here are some of my newest yarns:

Acid dye handpainted yarn

Blackberry (acid dye)

Acid dye handpainted yarn

Hibiscus (acid dye)

Acid dye and Kool-Aid handpainted yarn

Jazzy Blues (acid dye and Kool-Aid)

Acid dye handpainted yarn

Jungle (acid dye)

Acid dye handpainted yarn

Bubblegum (acid dye)

Acid dye and Wilton’s handpainted yarn

Waves (acid dye and Wilton’s)

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Creating beaded stitch markers for knitting is something I love to do (and so does Corey), although I’ve yet to actually use any of them, meaning that I haven’t knitted anything complicated enough to require them yet. Designing them is a very good creative outlet for me, and the possibilities are virtually endless with all the fancy, beautiful beads available. I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do with all of them yet, though. Perhaps I will find a local yarn shop who would like to sell them for me, or perhaps I will list them on Etsy. Comments and suggestions welcome and appreciated!

Swarovski crystals and millefiori glassSwarovski crystals, cat’s eye & millefiori glassSwarovski crystals & millefiori glass

Swarovski crystals & cat’s eyeBlack & silver glass & metal beadsSwarovski crystals

Glass & metal beadsGlass & metal beadsCat’s eye

Cat’s eye & metal beadsCat’s eye & metal beadsCat’s eye & freshwater pearls

Fimo clay & glass beadsFimo clay & glass beadsFimo clay & glass beads

Fimo clay & glass beadsFimo clay & glass beadsFimo clay & glass beads

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